Monmouth College Off Campus Study
Machu Picchu

Taking in Machu Picchu.

Happy New Year!

Spending New Year's abroad.


Touching the past in Prague.

Scots in Scotland

Monmouth Scots enjoying the beauty of Scotland.

Roman Theatre

Students at the Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

Berlin Wall

Face-to-face with the Berlin Wall.

Great Wall of China

Standing on the Great Wall of China.

Marathon in Chile

Running a marathon in Chile.

Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Sea kayaking along the coast of Scotland.


Dressing the part in Morocco.

Trekking a Glen in Scotland

Trekking a glen in Scotland.

Reflecting in Warsaw

Reflecting on WWII in Warsaw, Poland.

2012 Photography Contest Winners

The 2012 winners are below. Congratulations to all! View All 2012 Entries

Monmouth College 1st Place

Love Locks Over the Rhine
Love Locks Over the Rhine by Dillon Docherty
These locks represent couples who have traveled to Cologne, Germany and walked across the bridge that goes over the Rhine River. They write their names on the locks and throw the key into the river to show that they will always be in love. I told my girlfriend that we will have to go back there to add our locks to the bridge.

This photo also was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2012-13 ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest

Monmouth College 2nd Place

Où Le Ciel Rencontre La Terre
Où Le Ciel Rencontre La Terre by Whitney Wehrle
On a quiet sunny morning situated on the coast of the Atlantic, one can appreciate the relationship between sky and sea. The beauty and majesty of nature is often underappreciated in the ever prevalent concrete jungle, but here is where nature is allowed to flourish freely for the rare traveler to enjoy.

Monmouth College 3rd Place

The Path to Peace
The Path to Peace by Will Deuerling
There I stood alone.
A star fell down from heaven.
Bird songs on the wind.
This photograph holds more significance than simply what can be seen. In Scotland, I became accustomed to walking almost everywhere I went. Often spent alone, these walks gave me endless opportunities to observe the world around me. I have always found peacefulness associated with nature, and the Scottish landscape surrounding me strengthened this. This feeling inspired the haiku above. I found peace in nature represented by the passage leading through the lush environment surrounding it; my symbolic path to peace.

Monmouth College Honorable Mention

The Row
The Row by Whitney Wehrle
Unlike modern suburbia where each house mirrors its neighbor and has been crafted without thought, these beautiful and unique timber structures depict the remnants of individual character and large personality packed into a narrow row of homes that appear to be friends rather than mere acquaintances. Each home supports the other, providing a shoulder to lean on.

Monmouth College Honorable Mention

L'Heure by Anna Gawlik
My study abroad experience has taught me how to be independent. This photo was taken during my first trip to another country. I forgot to print out directions from the airport to the hotel, but I was too excited to worry. I walked down streets taking in as much unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds as I could. As I turned the corner I saw it in the distance- the Eiffel Tower. Not only overcome with awe, I instantly remembered where the hotel was. I headed toward the Eiffel Tower, determined to prove to myself I could be independent. As soon as I reached the Eiffel Tower, it lit up and began to sparkle as if it were congratulating me for arriving.