Monmouth College Off Campus Study
Machu Picchu

Taking in Machu Picchu.

Happy New Year!

Spending New Year's abroad.


Touching the past in Prague.

Scots in Scotland

Monmouth Scots enjoying the beauty of Scotland.

Roman Theatre

Students at the Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

Berlin Wall

Face-to-face with the Berlin Wall.

Great Wall of China

Standing on the Great Wall of China.

Marathon in Chile

Running a marathon in Chile.

Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Sea kayaking along the coast of Scotland.


Dressing the part in Morocco.

Trekking a Glen in Scotland

Trekking a glen in Scotland.

Reflecting in Warsaw

Reflecting on WWII in Warsaw, Poland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study off campus and still graduate in four years?
Yes, with careful planning, this is possible in almost any major at Monmouth College. The key is to obtain a four-year plan for your major from your department and work with your academic advisor to follow this plan. If possible, this should be done from your very first semester of college.

How much does it cost?
Costs vary from program to program, but, typically, you should assume that the cost will approximate tuition, room and board at Monmouth College, plus travel expenses. Keep in mind that you will probably want to travel a lot and to purchase a lot of mementos. Cost for books, medical coverage, and other expenses vary from program to program.

Can I use my financial aid to study off campus?
Yes, you are still eligible for financial aid from Monmouth College if you apply for a Monmouth College-approved program. If you have financial aid from other sources (private scholarships, State or Federal programs, or loans), you will need to find out whether that aid can be used to study off campus.

Can I study off campus anywhere I want to?
Yes, but you can only use your Monmouth College tuition and financial aid for Monmouth College approved programs. If you study at a program that is not approved by Monmouth College, transfer of credit is not automatic. You will want to determine in advance of applying to a program whether the credit from courses offered will transfer to Monmouth College and satisfy the requirements for your major and degree.

Where can I spend a semester abroad through Monmouth College?
Monmouth College sponsors a number of approved programs, with opportunities both domestic and abroad. Check out our list of programs for more information.

Where can I find a list of approved Monmouth College Programs?
Brochures for these programs are available in racks located around campus: outside Wallace Hall 101; Center for Science and Business near Room 244and the OCS office, Poling Hall. You can also find this information on our programs page.

Are there any specific requirements for off campus study?
Yes, your application must be approved by a faculty committee which will look at your GPA (typically 3.0 minimum), your academic justification for doing this (if off campus study fits into your academic plan and career goals), and a demonstration of personal maturity and responsibility. In some cases, the application process is competitive, so it is important for you to make sure you are a strong candidate.

What foreign languages can I study?
Monmouth College sponsors programs where you can begin or improve your study of Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and other languages, but a knowledge of a foreign language is only required for certain programs. Be sure to read the requirements and expectations for each individual program.

Why should I study off campus?
By living off campus, you will acquire the skills and flexibility to live in an increasingly global and multicultural world. Through the experience of studying off campus, you will experience the art, history and language of another culture. This opportunity can be both challenging and rewarding, teaching patience and creativity. The Off Campus Study experience is a helpful addition in preparing you for the complexity of life and work after graduation. You will return to campus revitalized by fresh perspectives and successfully met challenges. Studying off campus can also be fun and joy-filled.

How do I apply?
You can obtain an application packet from several locations: Prof. James Godde (Coordinator of off campus study), CSB 244; the OCS rack outside Room 101 in Wallace Hall; or from the OCS office, on the 2nd floor of Poling Hall. Application information is also available online.

When do I apply?
Most Monmouth students choose to study off campus during their junior year. Some attend during their senior year. It is rare for students to be approved for a semester of off campus study in their 1st or 2nd year at Monmouth. (See below for short academic trips). Applications for off campus study are usually due in in the Fall semester for the following academic year, depending on the program deadlines, so advance planning is important.

Can I study off campus for a full-year instead of one semester?
Yes, if you have good academic justification, it is possible to be approved for a full year of off campus study.

I don’t want to be away for a full semester. Are there any shorter options?
Yes, the college usually sponsors a number of faculty-organized short trips every academic year. These trips usually take place in January, over spring break, or after commencement in May. You may be able to obtain academic credit for participating in some of the short academic trips. This information will be contained in the trip description at the time the trip is announced.

Where can I obtain more information?
Contact Professor Godde; the Off Campus Study office, located on the 2nd floor of Poling Hall; or, other pages on this website.