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This website allows you to share my journey through Greece. The Glory That Was Greece for me was an experience of a lifetime, and to share that experience with you I am not simply going to give historical information about each site but instead give an account of what each meant to me as an observer of the creations of a very ancient, influential society. The Greeks laid much of the groundwork for western thought for the next two thousand years ... this is a feat not to be dismissed! What ancient Greeks established influences us today in many regards, from writing and word-bases, philosophy, theater, architecture, sculpture, democracy...the list goes on. Walk through Washington D.C., our nation's capital, and see our most important government buildings: all are derived form Ancient Greek models. Even more importantly, democracy originated with Greeks. While many societies were enveloped in superstition and ignorance, Greeks were making leaps and bounds in many fields. As the title suggest, "The Glory That Was Greece" was glorious indeed, and cannot be considered a 'has been' civilization without a lasting influence. Their legacy is timeless. Here is my account of the Glory of Greece.