Human Subjects Review Board


Contact Info:
Trudi K. Peterson
Communication Studies
Women's Studies
HSRB Chair

  HSRB Mission Statement

The purpose of the Monmouth College Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) is to ensure the safe and ethical treatment of human subjects in research through compliance with college policy and federal regulations concerning human subjects (The Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects, 45 CFR Part 46). Research projects involving human participants conducted on or off campus by Monmouth College faculty, staff, or students, require review by the HSRB. Relatedly, researchers from other institutions wishing to access Monmouth College faculty, staff, or students as human participants are required to submit their proposed projects for review by the Monmouth College HSRB. The Board is comprised of at least five individuals (one of whom is not affiliated with the college) with the requisite professional competence to review research proposals involving human subjects.




Human Subjects Review Board    
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