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The Fourth Year.

Senior Year – Implement and Move On

Adapted with permission from Beloit College's Advising Manual

For some students, the senior year is a year for moments to treasure; for others this year will be their most stressful time at Monmouth College. Advice may therefore vary from “Remember, this year does count on your transcript” to “Monmouth College students have an amazing record of finding employment. You are well qualified and will find a job.”

Guiding Principles:

  • Satisfaction

  • Success

  • Graduation

  • Finding a fulfilling occupation after graduation

  • Reminding students how Monmouth College's mission, general education program, and the majors all tie together.

Discussion points: Personal and Social

  • Review Goal sheet.  Fill out a new one.

  • Are you having fun?

  • What extracurricular activities are you involved in now?

  • Do you need any help from me?

  • Do you feel that you have completed what you set out to do while at Monmouth College?

  • Has Monmouth College been a good place for you?

  • Congratulations!  Sum up the student’s strengths and accomplishments as you’ve come to see them as his/her adviser.

 Discussion Points: Academic

Are you happy with your major?

What interests are you developing, academic and otherwise?

  • Have you done a degree audit with the Registrar? 

  • What requirements remain for the major?

  • How can you improve your GPA? (if low)

  • Are you going to do a Special Project? Research? Honors Thesis?

  • Do you know about/ have you considered an Honors Term Post-Baccalaureate Year at MC?

  • Are you completing the goals you set out in your goal sheet?  How are your plans changing?  Give the student a new goal sheet to fill out and place in the folder.

  • How do your current general education courses tie in with your general education courses from your first year?  What is the mission of the college?  How is Monmouth College fulfilling this mission in your college career?

 Discussion Points: The Future

  • Are you applying to graduate school or will you be seeking employment after Monmouth?

  • Where are you in the preparation and application process?

  • Are you applying for scholarships?

  • Whom will you give as references?  I would be glad to help…..

  • Have you been visiting The Wackerle Center to polish your resume and interviewing skills?  How else can they help you?

  • Keep in touch!  With me (how?);with the department (how?); with the College (e.g. through your permanent alumni email address)

Additional Advice to Give to the Senior Advisee

  • Do a final check on your general requirements.

  • Do a final check on the requirements for your major.

  • Attend workshops on resumes, so that you can refine and finalize your own; work on cover letters, interviews, and job search techniques.

  • Ask faculty, staff, and employers to write reference letters.

  • Remember that students typically give their academic advisors as one of their references.

  • Don’t be afraid to change advisors if someone else within the department would be more appropriate.

  • Consider doing an internship during the semester in place of a class.

  • Check out and apply for scholarships, e.g. Fulbright, National Science Foundation, Marshall, Rhodes (See Advising Practicalities Section of this handbook: Major Scholarships)


Thinking about Graduate School

  • Make sure to review The Wackerle Center’s helpful Graduate School page. 

  • Plan your job and/or graduate school strategies; develop a timetable.

  • Take the necessary exams for graduate study and professional school. Information on practice materials and study courses is available through The Wackerle Center here

  • Complete applications for graduate and professional study.


  • Request career information from Wackerle Center in September.

  • Participate in a practice interview.

  • Attend employer presentations and the job fairs.

  • Research companies, organizations and graduate programs in The Wackerle Center and on the Internet.

After Monmouth

  • Remember – Monmouth relies heavily on its alumni for support of many kinds; by participating, you give back to Monmouth.

  • Contribute something to the annual fund. This is important because every $10 adds up; moreover, a college’s effectiveness is often judged by outside funding agencies by the percentage of its alumni which make donations annually. 

  • Sign up with Monmouth Career Network once you have a job, in order to assist current students.

  • You may continue to use the resources and assistance of The Wackerle Center’s Alumni Services in the future as you change jobs or prepare for graduate school.

  • Check your Monmouth alumni email periodically; have it forwarded to your regular email.

  • Keep us (me, the department, the alumni office) updated on your activities; we love to hear from alumni!

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