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Advising File Contents.

Advising folders differ depending on whether the student is a transfer student or whether he/she matriculated at Monmouth College.

Items you may find in a file:

  • The student's application for admission
  • High School transcript
  • Previous colleges' transcripts
  • If a student has taken classes elsewhere, you should have a transcript evaluation which indicates which classes transfer to Monmouth College and which classes count toward General Education.
  • Past semesters' grade reports

Additional items which are useful to have in the file:

  • Mentoring Log Record meeting date, reason for the meeting, summary of the discussion and follow-up. This log is a great memory booster of your previous meetings with an advisee. Also, recording signing "drop" slips is a great idea. This gives you a record of your advice to your advisee.
  • Course Check Off sheet for the advisee's major
  • Application for Degree sheet Record classes that the student plans to take in pencil and when the course is taken, record in pen. 
  • Goals Sheet  This document helps the student set Academic Goals, Personal Development/ Social Goals, and Career and Life Goals. It also has places for students to write their plans for accomplishing these goals and progress made or obstacles. This sheet also helps an adviser get to know the student better as well as guide him/her in his/her college career.
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