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Advising Manual.
The Advising Manual will be undergoing significant changes with the implementation of the 4-4 plan. If you have questions, please contact the

At Monmouth College, we realize that each student's educational experience is distinctive, so advising needs to be specifically tailored for the individual. This adds a new level of complexity and responsibility for the adviser.

To assist in the advising process, Monmouth College's faculty endorsed the following statement on the goals of academic advising and the responsibilities of academic advisers:

The adviser’s primary responsibility is to guide the student’s journey through his/her years at Monmouth College and beyond.

There are many parts to this responsibility. Although registering a student for classes is commonly thought as an adviser’s sole responsibility, at Monmouth College, we realize that an adviser’s role is more than registration.

Advisers help the student plan his/her academic program – to discuss with the student how selected courses support (1) the mission of the college, (2) the general education curriculum, (3) the goals of the major, and (4) the student’s own academic goals.

Advisers aid the student in setting goals – academic goals, personal development or social goals, and career and life goals – as well as helping the student determine how to accomplish these goals, determine possible obstacles, and monitor progress toward these goals.

Advisers realize that each student is unique and must adapt the advising approach according to each student and to each student’s maturity. Advisers must know the range of programs offered at the college – both academic and non-academic – and make appropriate referrals when necessary.

Endorsed by Monmouth College's faculty members Fall 2005.

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