Monmouth College Off Campus Study
Machu Picchu

Taking in Machu Picchu.

Happy New Year!

Spending New Year's abroad.


Touching the past in Prague.

Scots in Scotland

Monmouth Scots enjoying the beauty of Scotland.

Roman Theatre

Students at the Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

Berlin Wall

Face-to-face with the Berlin Wall.

Great Wall of China

Standing on the Great Wall of China.

Marathon in Chile

Running a marathon in Chile.

Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Sea kayaking along the coast of Scotland.


Dressing the part in Morocco.

Trekking a Glen in Scotland

Trekking a glen in Scotland.

Reflecting in Warsaw

Reflecting on WWII in Warsaw, Poland.

Study off campus and acquire the skills and flexibility to live in an increasingly global and multicultural world.

  • Add to your academic experience
  • Become fluent in another language
  • Develop independence, maturity, and self confidence
  • Gain experience with diverse cultures
  • Become more competitive for jobs and graduate school
  • Start checking off your bucket list!

Upcoming Short-Term Trips

Ireland, May 2014
HIST230 History and Culture of Ireland, Spring 2014

½ credit, second seven weeks. 8AM TTh (Register Nov-Dec, 2013)

This is a survey of Irish history and culture appropriate for students preparing to visit the Emerald Isle. Students are not required to go on the trip to Ireland in May, but those who did so in 2008 had a great time and they knew what they were seeing. This will be an eight day visit based in Dublin, with day tours through the Irish Republic and to Northern Ireland. We will see Celtic art at Trinity College, green countryside on our bus trips, and evening pubs with dancing, Guinness and Bass.

The cost would be around $2300 and departure from Chicago would probably be around May 20-23.

For more information, contact Prof. Bill Urban

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