Monmouth College Off Campus Study
Machu Picchu

Taking in Machu Picchu.

Happy New Year!

Spending New Year's abroad.


Touching the past in Prague.

Scots in Scotland

Monmouth Scots enjoying the beauty of Scotland.

Roman Theatre

Students at the Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

Berlin Wall

Face-to-face with the Berlin Wall.

Great Wall of China

Standing on the Great Wall of China.

Marathon in Chile

Running a marathon in Chile.

Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Sea kayaking along the coast of Scotland.


Dressing the part in Morocco.

Trekking a Glen in Scotland

Trekking a glen in Scotland.

Reflecting in Warsaw

Reflecting on WWII in Warsaw, Poland.

Photography Contest

The images from off-campus study resonate in students’ minds years after their experiences. Shared, these images can tell powerful stories about new insights, transformed perspectives, and powerful new forms of learning.

To celebrate the important role of off-campus study in liberal arts education, the Monmouth College Off Campus Study program annually invites students to submit photographs from their off-campus study experiences to be judged by the campus in a photography contest.

Voting is now closed.